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Pickie Fun Park:-

One of Northern Irelands more popular tourist attractions especially for those with families. There are many activities to be found here. Playground for the younger ones, Swans on the lake for the more adventurous and Go-carts for the more daring. All this activity can then be finished with a relaxing cup of tea/coffee in the cafeteria nearby.

Bangor Abbey:-

Founded in 558 AD by Saint Comgall, Bangor Abbey is a must to any visitor to the town. Look in the graveyard and see if you have any relatives from Old Bangor. See the memorial stone to the ships surgeon from The Titanic. Just generally look around and see the history of Bangor in the head stones unfold before your eyes. See inside the Abbey and gaze at the mural by Kenneth Webb which depicts the Ascending Christ giving His missionary command. Look at one of the oldest structures in Bangor, Malachy's Wall. Look around and just feel the history of the town unfolding. All in all, a must for the historical fact finder to the town. More about the Abbey can be seen at the Heritage Centre in Castle Park behind the Town Hall.

Soon to become available from this web site, Bangor Abbey Through Fourteen Centuries, a publication from Bangor Abbey

Heritage Centre:-

For those who want to find out a bit more about Bangor's heritage, this is the place to be. With displays and live shows all year round this can be one of the more informative stops for any visitor to the town. Admission is free and the staff are always there to help with any queries. Again, there are tea/coffee facilities available to help you relax after taking all the information in.

Ballyholme Beach:-

Not in Bangor itself but just around the corner at Ballyholme, a residential part of the town. This beach stretches from Seacliff Road to Ballymacormick Point. Great for walking along, water sports, bird watching and just generally relaxing on when the weather is fine. There is also Ballyholme Common where the children can play and the parents can sit and watch. Just the right place to go for the more peaceful day out in Bangor.

Coastal Path to Crawfordsburn/Helens Bay:-

A lovely coastal path that takes you from Bangor's sea front to Crawfordsburn Beach and on to Helen's Bay. This walk is a delight especially on a day when there is sunshine and a slight breeze coming off the shore. Stop off at either Stricklands Glen and walk back to Bangor via the Downshire Lawn Tennis Club or walk on to Crawfordsburn and stop to visit the Education Centre and learn about the wildlife that abounds in the area. Alternatively, for the more adventurous, go on to Helens Bay, so named after Lady Helen of Dufferin and Ava from the nearby Clandeboye Estate.

Soon to become available from this web site, The North Down Coastal Path, a publication from the North Down Borough Council Visitors & Heritage Centre


A seven screen cinema with amusements in side, this is the place to go to see all the latest movie blockbusters. The Multiplex is situated in Castle Park near the Heritage Centre.There are several showings of the films each day including matinees.

Castle Park Nature Trail:-

A place to go to see the wildlife of the park. There are two trails here, one easy and one hard, paperwork available from the starting point outside the Heritage Centre. A great one for both young and old alike. After the trail is completed you can go into the Heritage Centre for tea/coffee in the cafeteria or go to the Multiplex to see the latest movie action.

Ward Park:-

This park is the ideal place to bring the young ones to play or to feed the ducks or to just run around. Situated in the town in spacious grounds it is a must for any visitor to see. With many rare breeds of fowl and other bird life to look at one can only come away knowing that they have learnt something new. Play facilities are there for the younger ones with the knowledge that they are safe as there is a safety compound covering the whole playground. There are also many beautiful walks to be taken in this park. Pay a visit to the local library, which is situated in the park, and find out more about Bangor in the reference section.

Shopping:-Bloomfields/Flagship Centre/Town Centre:-

For the visitor to the town shopping is well covered. There are shops of all shapes, sizes, types etc for everyone. From the Bloomfields Shopping Centre on the Ring Road where there is a large selection of shops and stores to the Clandeboye Retail Park, again on the ring road to Springhill Shopping Centre, (The first purpose built shopping mall built in Northern Ireland) situated off Killien Avenue in Bangor West to the Flagship Shopping Centre right in the town centre. Not forgetting the large quantity of Independent Retail Outlets where one can get the more specialized items covering a vast range of products. Bangor certainly is one of the premier towns to come to for your shopping needs.

Bangor Marina:-

Bangor is the proud owner of one of the United Kingdoms premier marinas. With its many facilities on hand for the seafaring type it is no wonder that it is the proud holder of many awards for its services rendered. With mooring facilities for all types of craft, from yachts to motor launches to small craft, it is no wonder that it is so popular with visiting sailors from around the world. Well worth a visit just to marvel at its size and its great advantage to the sailing fraternity.

Crawfordsburn Country Park:-

Just two miles outside of Bangor on the shores of Belfast Lough lies this idyllic Country Park with its large expanse of land to walk and play. There are picnic facilities available and car parking spaces for numerous vehicles. Also at the park there is the Education Centre where one can learn more about the local wildlife. Look inside and try and count the ants in the colony set inside the doors. Walk a bit further on and you will find yourself on the lough shores at the beach where the more daring can go for a swim in the tide. Definitely the ultimate thrill for any swimmer.

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