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Name: michael mc millan
Where: australia
my third post, remember my first love susan head, susan lived in crawfordsburn, one of my first jobs was as a kitchen porter in the old inn, the chef was jimmy mclaughlin, also worked in the royal hotel, left there in 1967 to come to oz, now am a wheat and wool farmer in middle of nsw,
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Name: smicker
Where: Fraser street
Anyone out there from Fraser Street, Newtownards Road, East Belfast
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Name: susan
Where: kingston, ontario, canada
Born in Bangor far too many years ago. Lived in Baylands and then Moira Drive overlooking the duck pond in the park. Remember the maypole, Pickie pool, Capproni's lovely ice cream with chocolate flakes. Moved to Canada & then California. Returned for a year when I was 18, worked at Glasgow's in Newtownards. Many years later return to see family often. Wonderful memories. Keenly interested in the ongoing struggle for everlasting peace! Saw Van Morrison & Bob Dylan in concert in Belfast a few years ago. Amazing!!!!! Hope to retire "back home" some day.
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Name: Rach
Where: Bangor
this is a good site for older people. i think if it had more things on it for young people as well it would b a lot more helpful!
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Name: Scott Herron
Where: Currently Montreal,Canada
Left Bangor in 83. Just wondering if anyone I knew is still around.....
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Name: Simone Archambeau nee Farbus
Where: Colorado, USA
Does anyone remember me? My mother owned The Kindly Welcome Restaurant and The Cooler on Gray's Hill. We left Bangor in 1975. I went to Bangor Intermediate School before they separated the sexes and it became Bangor Girls School.
I belonged to Pickie's Swimming Club and was active in the drama club. I'd love to hear from anyone who might remember me. I'm trying to get back to Bangor this summer for a visit with my daughters.
My brother's name is Mark and my sister is Louise.
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Name: Harry Chambers
Where: Bangor] now live in Canada
Looking for Norman Ritchie from Bangor, also Norman Woodman, his father had woodmans Pub
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Name: julie entricknap (gamble)
Where: ottawa canada
was raised in bangor by my granny left when l was 14 wheres the crew l partied with under the clock or round by pickie pool on the swings
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Name: julie enticknap(Gamble)
Where: Bangor
if anyone remembers me l left in 74 l was 14 at the time. Hughie gamble sharon chris sean, philimena coyle, write me
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Name: Harry Chambers
Where: Canada
Iam looking for a Jim Moore, my last address was the bulls ring bangor,
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Name: Anne Docherty
Where: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Maiden name Armstrong, formerly from Bangor. Would interested in hearing from any old school friends. I attended Bangor Tech (in classes on the top floor of the Castle) 1958-60. Some names I remember....Helen Walls, Lorraine Ferguson, Maureen Watterson, Maureen O'Neal, Patricia Mills and others, I forget...It's been a long time.
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Name: Sean
Where: Bangor
Can any of you ex-pat Bangorians now living in Vancouver/Vancouver Island give me some pointers about whether it's a good idea to emigrate over to there?! We're about to begin moves in that direction and, while the 'net is great for stats and geo info, there's nothing like the opinion of someone who's there already!
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Name: Anne Minguet
Where: Toronto, Canada
Hope somebody can help me. In 1966 & 1967, I spent the summer in Bangor, studying English. I was living in a wonderful family near Main street, and I cherish to this day my memories of Northern Ireland. Later on, as a young woman, I immigrated to Canada. The purpose of this message is to find David Laird, with whom I became good friend while in Bangor. His father operated at the time the boats in the harbour. David and I lost track of each other in the late sixties. If anybody knows anything about him, and where he is now, please send me an e-mail at the address indicated below. Thank you in advance. Anne Minguet
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Name: nicky
Where: evesham, worcs.....originally from bangor
great site and found the history interesting....(looking it up for my sons school project.agggggghhhhh) brill photo of the tonic cinema...WHY DID THEY EVER KNOCK IT DOWN?????? great memories of lairds boats and pickie during the summer (the coke kiddies club..and swimming out to the raft amid the jellyfish )and the old time dancing outside pickie pool during the summer evenings (a wednesday i think)and again when i used to go drinking (underage of course)round by the bandstand and the makee clock...ha ha ha keep up the good work on the site
bye nicky duffy
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Name: Harry Chambers
Where: Canada
Iam looking for a Jim Moore, my last address was the bulls ring bangor,
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Name: ashleigh price
Where: old belfast road
hi to everyone up there from me down here inWellington,New Zealand!
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Name: Peter Ellis
Where: Nafferton - East Yorkshire
A useful site where I was able to collect information about the history of the Bangor Harbour & Marina. Bridlington - East Yorkshire is in a similiar situation, a public enquiry is underway into whether to build a marina or not. At least 70% of the population is for the development including myself as I sit on the Yorkshire Harbour & Marina (Shadow) Authority. Comments from residents who remember the build process most welcome to:

Name: John Tennant
Where: Ontario, Canada
Would any readers recall a Stephen Leo KNOX of Railwayview Street? He saw military service from 1945-55, then I've lost track of his whereabouts. Thanks!
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Name: Steve
Where: Bangor (expat)
Love the site guys. Ya gotta hurry up with the piccys tho. More map stuff needed too! I'm popping back to Bangor on Thurs 18th Apr fer a bit of a sesh (I'll bring that 96PM Bunzab!). Lookin forward to meetin all the usual suspects. BTW check out the MP3 section- I think the bit about Paul Cardys planned tour in 2001 is a bit out of date now ;-).
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Name: Mark Waldron
Where: Atlanta, GA USA
I just found your site while looking for Bangor Ireland on a search. I am interested in Lowden guitars, and I just found out they are built in your area of Ireland.
I hope to visit Ireland next summer, and I plan on making Bangor one of my stops if at all possible. As a musician, I'd love to see the place where such a fine instrument as the Lowden guitar is built.
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Name: Jonte
Where: Umm... Russia/Sweden/Finland
Rah! Fine! So this'ere be no' th' reet meens o' communicatin' but I be lookin' fer a blootered b*st*rd by th' name o' "Nicholas Marshall" who be livin' in yer fine town. Donnae worry, 'is kneecaps will be left unmolested... Jest wan' t'be speekin' to th' wee bu;)er.
Any ideas? Send me an e-mail, or if yer aboot t' be deletin' this'ere post, I be suggest'n ye be addin' a messageboard feature to this'ere site! Ayuh!
Ne'er been t'yer fine town meself boot I hear't be a fine place t'be livin'! ARRRR!
Top o' th' mornin' to ye!
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Name: Ann Ominous
Where: Bangor
There is a band called "Exit to Millrow" who i feel should get more gigs in places. If any1 out there is looking for an original, alternative though good musical band, contact any1 from the band and set ups a gig.
Cheers for co-operation like.
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Name: Neal Morrow
Where: Swanley, Kent
Left Bangor in '77, but returned on holiday last year with my family it's still good to walk around the shore, Stricklands Glen etc. Pity about Pickie Pool. If anyone recognises me please get in touch.
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Name: Evan Jackson
Where: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Greetings from your sister city in America. We will be there during Easter break, 2002. Understand some of you are coming to Virginia Beach next year in February to help us celebrate our 40th birthday as a city.
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Name: Bob McCone
Where: canberra aus
interesting sight,father was born in banger
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Name: Andy Halls
Where: Bangor ( Trumps and Moss Beach)
Oh I just love going into bangor on the warm summer days. I love riding my bike thru bangor on a friday noight.
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Name: Mr. Robbie Williams
Where: Bangor
Let ME entertain you!!!
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Name: michael mc millan
Where: tullamore nsw australia
i went to st comgalls for a while then bangor tech which i left in 1963, remember teachers, jack emerson (had a coffee with jack on a visit home in 1989) mr ewing, fred lucas, the maypole in ward park which we used to fly on, had great nights with the gang down at the bus shelters, worked for barrys and lairds during school holidays, i am now a farmer in central NSW, hope to spend a fair bit of time at this site
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Name: June Roberts
Where: Fern Park [Orlando], Florida-USA
I have the opportunity of visiting Northern Ireland each year and thoroughly enjoy what Bangor has to offer. My residence while there for the month of May is Rosevale Cottages, Crawfordsburn.
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Name: michael mc millan
Where: tullamore nsw
love coming back to bangor when possible, last visit dec/jan 2001/2002, great time
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Name: bangor fanatic
Where: bangor(or bangy as i affectionly call my lil hometown) i ve lived in bangy for 11 years and i love it so much. lazy summer days are spent on the traffic island at the bottom of main street where things you can do have no limits. ahhhh sweet sweet memories. and then hanging out on the pier at ngiht and watching the sunset and soemtimes coming down to pickie really early to watch the sunrise. now the nights are colder and we can spend cosy evenings in the friendly atmosphere of wolseys. ahh bangy, how much do i love thee. let me count the waysxxxxxx
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Name: wolseys slut
Where: where else bangor!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love bangor
if u think its s**t then ur probably right and a lot saner than i am but that wouldnt be hard lol every one shud start going to the windsor and leave wolseys alone ok? love all ya bangor beautiful peeps
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Name: harry j biccum
Where: duncanville tx
am interested in learning history of robert biccum in maple hill cemetary
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Name: matty
Where: guess....................Bangor
nice site
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Name: Richard Blayney
Where: Bangor
Hey nice site, where can i read the rest of the guestbook entries??
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Name: angel
Where: bangor
just wanted to say i like this website- its alot more interesting than others I've been on for Bangor. Nice work
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Name: Glenn Whitley
Where: Auckland New Zealand
Used to live in Carnalea and get back there every now and again. I was worked at Pickie Pool during the summers in the late 70's and was a member of Bangor Swimming Club. Love to hear from anyone that remembers me.
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Name: Chris Bruce
Where: Colchester, Essex
I was just how long is Net Views gong to be in development, I have been looking at this site for over a year now and would see how bangor as changed in 7 years since I was there last.
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Name: Harry Chambers
Where: Canada
I am looking for Veron Townley from bangor
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Name: Keith
Where: Newtownards
Bye bye to all the CVNI mob and all the messers at Clandeboye (especially Colin) and, if I don't see you'se lot again in a while, a very merry and premature Christmas to the lot of ya. I'm off to Austria and away from sunny Bangor in favour of snowier climes. Take it easy and all the best! I'll miss all of you! (even Colin!!)
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Name: Robert Reid
Where: Edmonton Alberta Canada
I lived outside Bangor [Upper Balloo] 1929/1952, and was just thinking of the name Balloo and wondered where the name originated.
Can any one who reads this help me?

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Name: Lowell N. Hawkes
Where: Pocatello, Idaho USA
Looks and sounds like you live in a beautiful and wonderfully historical place. Nice comprehensive web site!
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Name: alastair
Where: NYC via Bangor
Hey, like plenty of other ex-pats here, just writing a few lines on the off chance that anyone local ever reads this. any of the Stiener school sorts who ended up in Bangor Gr' drop me a line...
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Name: rob copeland
Where: bangor
just looking for any old friends or enemies
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Name: Mr Shady
Where: ???
Hi your town...see ya all soon
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Name: karen graham
Where: usa
i am looking for anyone that went to school with me at glenlola.please contact me at the email above ----thanks
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Name: Betty
Where: Salford, but originally from Bangor As an ex-pat it's great to have a way to keep in touch
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Name: Sid
Where: Bangor
hi, did you know Bangor used to have a beach?
Yeah, the spot where people from Ballyhome keep their boats used to be a beach. Hey lets play a game, it's called hands up who got a job as a result of the marina, oh look, three cleaners from kilcooley. Congratulations, you win an eviction order should the council ever need your house to build white elephants on.
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Name: June
Looking for Gregory McMahon and Margaret Kidd
Anne Kidd, both will Know June and Scotty please E

Name: Josh Locke
Where: Epping NH USA
I am coming to Bangor to visit my friend in October. Can't wait to get there and have some fun.
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Name: Franca
Where: Cupar, Fife
Hi there. have just spent the last 4 days in Bangor (Helen's Bay actually). Just want to say I think it's lovely. a big HI and Thank You to Rob Andrews aka Mr Blonde (see you soon doll!)x
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Name: Alan Gowdy
Where: USA
As a Bangorian of 1952 vintage who has been living abroad for 20 years mai I congratulate you on the usefulness of your web site. Keep up the good work
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Name: Alan Elliott
Where: Sth-Australia
Looking for Terry Totten who worked at Post Office during the 1950s
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Name: Alan Gowdy
Where: Sussex (ex-Bangor)
Great to keep in touch with things back home via the internet - I get all nostalgic!! The History Of Bangor section is really well done and informative. I well remember going to the Tonic as a boy. If anyone out there remembers me, send me a message on [email protected] Cheers.
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Name: Alan Gowdy
Where: Sussex (ex-Bangor)
Great to keep in touch with things back home via the internet - I get all nostalgic!! If anyone out there remembers me, send me a message on [email protected] Cheers.
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Name: Rob
Where: Bangor,studying in Edinburgh
Its about time our wee town had a decent website, the only think thats not on here is a listing of all the swans names at pickie.Hi to everyone I know,and to anyone who used to enjoy the original pickie pool in the early to mid 1980s....Peace X
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Name: Grace
Where: Portglenone
I believe that this town has more action than I have ever seen in my life before. Whew!!!
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Name: Anne Docherty
Where: Living in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Originally from Bangor, maiden name Anne Armstrong, trying to make contact with former school friends. Attended Bangor Tech up until 1960. Would love to hear from any of my old classmates.
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Name: Robert Reid
Where: Edmonton. Alberta. Canada
Anxious to contact Ronnie Stewart whom I fished with fifty years ago. Ronnie lived in Bingham Street when I knew him, we even drove to Ardglass once to fish.
If anyone knows anything about him I would be most grateful to hear from them.
Thank you.
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Name: Philly
Where: Brisbane, Australia
Grew up in Bangor with Duff,Danky,Joe,The Bear and others too numerous to mention, interesting site, but who is this other Philiy in a linked site "brotherhood"? I have copyright on the name since the 60's.
Ah, Bangor nothing really changes!

Name: brenda
Where: Ontario Canada
I am looking for members of the Neville Family of Bangor County Down. I am new to computers and not really sure if this is a way of finding someone or not but, I am willing to give it a try.

Name: David Irwin
Where: Crawfordsburn
Interesting site. Are you in competition with Bangor Goes Global? Why just Guesthouses? What about self-catering and B&Bs?

Name: Claire
Where: Bangor
Colin, you asked us yesterday about writing for the site, take a look at the site we already have. It's the Slackers' Guide to Bangor.

Name: Ryan Butler
Where: Tennessee (USA)
I will soon be participating in a work-abroad program called BUNAC, which will allow me to work anywhere in the UK for 6 months. I feel drawn to Northern Ireland, and I am interested in the Bangor area. I was wondering how to go about looking for work before I arrive. I recently graduated from Tennessee Tech University with a degree in psychology and a minor in music.

Name: Keith
Where: Newtownards (boo!)
Text: 'Bout ye's!! Hi to Colin and the CVNI crew.

Name: Cyclic
Where = Canada -->
Image omitted for general public safety!!
What are the odds eh? Thanks for signing my Guestbook. For the rest of you, send rants, raves and Hate Mail to me in The SINdrome..

Name: charlie tyler
Where: bangor ni
just checking it out.

Name: jim reid
From: canada
hello to my in laws in bangor trevor and ken burns and families all the best from canada

Name: chris mcclure From: Belfast Hi there,
Any old boys out there from BGS 78-85? The good old days before the boys were vandals and the vice principal was in jail!!!!
Oh happy times, have you see Uncle Lindsay's web site - MAD!
No wonder we were all so glad to leave school! Get in touch lads! Chris

Name: Connor Hutton
From: Bangor
Bangor is my home town!!
And I like it!!

Name: Andrew Tait
From: Bangor now live in newcastle upon tyne
Hello bangor

Name: rob
From: bangor.....england last 13yrs.
I attended BGS from 1981-1987. Just looking for any old boys or old friends.

Name: Liz K
Wow. This site must take a lot of effort! Kuddos! It is very nicely maintained dude. I love it.

Name: IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT MY NAME IS!! Actually its Steve.
From: Bangor
hey everyone. bangor is pretty boring but it has its cool times aiii.

Name: Bonnie Gee
From: Missoula, Montana, USA
Greetings from the mountains of Montana. I enjoyed my stay in the Bangor/Belfast area, and particularly working with the great crew at the CVNI Tree Nursery at Clandeboye! Hello to Andy, Pascal, Colin, Darryle, Yan, Paul and Mark--Best Regards from Bonni

Name: Frank Gunther
From: Clifton Park,N.Y. USA
I am happy to tell you I have been coresponding with two of your townspeople Alan And Emer Hodges for over a year and a half now,and have learned a lot about your charming town from them.They have sent pictures and items of interest thus making me feel like a member of their family and ultimately one of the foreign residents of Bangor.
Frank Gunther

Name: Count Belisarius
Where: Bithynia
Always use this site for info as official sites are a heap of dung. Keep on truckin'.

Name: Alan Gowdy
From: West Sussex but a Bangorian of 1950's vintage
I like the history page that you have added. I visit the site periodically to keep up with things. Keep it up.

Name: Paul
From: Belfast
Congratulations, a very well researched and useful website. But where oh where do you get those jokes?

Name: Yann
From: Nice
Text: My vegatables grow better over here than they do over there.

Name: Brian
From: Belfast
Hi guys
Brilliant web-site. Weather looks good for a spot of sailing on Thursday. [email protected]

Name: pascal
From: ballycastle
I feel very privillaged to be the first idiot to send amessage on this meaningless thingamagigger, good luck lads and Daryl, by the way, we don't miss you at the nursery at all- sob sob- see you soon for a pint.

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