Bangor Harbour

Kevin McMillan
left a message before but it does not seem to have been posted. I live on the border of Victoria and New south Wales. My broyher Michael (who I love Dearly) put me on to this site. I was born in Bangor and went to school at st Comgalls in the early 60s. Then spent a year at Bangor Grammar. After that went to Newtownards Teach, then Bangor Tech. Worked at the Co Op for about 12 months when I left school. The left for England, then Australia. Love to hear from anyone who knew me during those years. My Email Address is [email protected].

Laura roffe
south shields
i've have been to bangor and i love it its great i went there because my dad lives there he loves it and so do i. itz a nice place to live. Bangor has everything you need...

WM Wright
WMW53 Would like info on cousin Robert Bailey, last known address, 62 Church Ave. Bangor, contact my e-mail

Kay Dorrance
Upstate New York
I am looking for a pen-pal I had years ago by the name of Linda McCormick. She would be around 50 years old now. I believe her address was ?? Knockmore Park and she attended Glenlola (not sure of the spelling) Collegiate School.

Can someone here please help me to find a person named Tim (or Timothy) Rice from Bangor..? 30-40 years old. [email protected] Thanks :-)

Max Martin
Melbourne Victoria Australia
There last year. Loved Bangor. My father lived at the old Lorelei in early 1900s. Have great pics of Marina etc if you would like them for your site. It was 28 degrees that day. Let me know.

J. E. Scully
Waterloo, Canada
Pleasant website. Am planning visit for March. See photos by a J. Scully and interested in connecting.

Raymond McNulty
Hamilton On, Canada
Been many years since I've been home. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Christine Briggs (nee Longmore)?

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