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November 2005

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Welcome to my blog
blog 1 date: November 5/05
blog place: Toronto, Canada
Hello. My name is Andrei Talbot and this is my first ever blog. It's mission is to go where no other blogs have gone. To entertain and inform, to make you laugh and make you cry, hopefully when you're supposed to, but above all to connect and communicate on a very human level in the coldness of cyberspace.
I'm looking forward in the coming weeks to tell you a little about myself and my interests and engage in some lively debate about all things great and small. This will be our journey...
So lets begin, you guessed it, at the beginning.
The Bangor Connection Part 1: Next month, December 4th to be precise, marks the 52nd anniversary of my first birthday at Newtownards Hospital, up the road from where my family lived in the North Down Riviera known as Ballyholme.
Fast forward to 1966 when my father died and my mother and sister retreated to my mother's home town of Dublin.
Fast forward to 1974 when I embarked on a self imposed exile in Canada.
Fast forward to June 2000 when I decided this would be a good time to take my daughter and then wife, now ex wife, back to where it all began almost 53 years ago. To be continued...

Posted :: Friday 11/4/2005 11:09:00 AM

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