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Why me?
Why me? That is the big question I am asking myself. After having a great time in London some fecker has given me their infection on the plane coming home. as a result i have been in my sick bed for the past couple of days and am now on a course of penicillen (that means no drinking). As a result i missed out on a party last night which i am sure that i would have enjoyed to it's fullest. The Hungarian girl that has been working with us in the nursery for the last two months is away home now as we speak and the Irirsh girls is also away to somewhere in the south as we speak. Knowing them as i do there would have been loads and loads of drink there. Why me? I had to get myself up out of my sick bed to go down to the church to remove the car boot sale banners for the season. That's them over for another year. No
doubt some silly dodo will appear next Saturday at the ridiculous hor of 4.30AM to get their best spot and wonder why no one else turns up. It has been known to happen in the past. Anyway, the total amount of cash banked after the whole nine weeks of the car boot sales was just short of seven thousand pounds. Not bad for what it is. I think it is marvellous. I managed to get myself my winter stock of reading material out of it. I now have a shelf load of hardback good as new books by various authors and all for the price of seven pounds fifty pence. Somehow I don't think Easons could match that for value. Not even Ebay by the time you add postage onto the items. Talking of Ebay. While i was not feeling the best over the past few days i managed to grab some real good bargains to add the collection. Again these are items that I MUST have to make my collection even more complete. These are items that my wife won't know about because they arrive in envelopes just like letters and not in parcels as the bigger stuff does. Clever eh! eh! There's life in the old dog yet. The old brain power is still working. You might remember me telling you about the pair of boots at £500.00 in London. The one that I forgot to tell you about is the coat. Now being an ex retailer myself I can understand the point of pricing goods to .99p but to price something at £1040.00 is beyond me. There was this really beautiful mans overcoat that caught my eye. It was so like a coat that i had seen in Toronto last year but never boufgt because i thought it was too dear at $500.00 Canadian dollars (about£280.00 then). anyway, this coat, which happened to be in Harrods by the way, nothing but the beat for me matey, oh no. The coat caught my eye because it reminde me of toronto as i said before. I looked at it. My wife looked at it. She looked at the price tag. She grinned at me. I said 'what'. She said 'guess how much'. I said probably around £400.00 thinking we are in Harrods in London everything is pricey. She said 'double that and add some'. I said 'never'. The cost was £1040.00. WHY? What does £40 difference make to the price. does it make it a more attractive price. I don't think so. Is it something that one could boast about. I don't think so. So why the forty pounds on it? Would they not sell more of them if they were priced at £999.99? I think so. but then again. London is pricey. Anyway, we laughed and walked away. Maybe if someone reading this who works in the men's department of Harrods would like to explain!! Have to go now. I need to go out somewhere with my wife to do something that is urgent (to her) I think I will wear my new coat that cost me £170 out of my wifes catalogue. It actually looks like the coat I saw in Harrods. Byse byse

Posted :: Sunday 8/27/2006 6:27:00 AM

I'm back
Well, where do I start? Do i tell you that i went to the Rolling Stones Conference and managed to buy a couple of rare, oh so rare promo cd's that i have been after for a while and also sawe and touched a rolling Stones pinball machine. Or do I tell you about my friend in London inviting me out to dinner at no other place than the Sticky Fingers restaurant where i managed to see the Gold / Silver / Platinum and possibly Titanium discs awarded to Bill Wyman while he was still with the band and also where there was also possibly the most amazing collection Stones memorabilia that i have ever seen. Who needs to go to the Hard rock when there is a place like this. Ooorrrrr, do I tell you about going to Twickers to see the Greatest Rock'n'Roll band in the world? Yes. i think I will. What can I say. I know. They were bloody fantastic. And no mastter what anybody says about them, who else could put a show on like that. The answer is, no feckin' one!!!! From the moment the lights went down to the intreo to the band coming on stage to the first opening number to the solo by Keef to the closing number to the encore to the lights going up to the mass quing for the trains home, it was BLOODY FANTASTIC. Apart from all the Stones activity in London we managed to get some retail therapy in there as well. My wife went wna did Oxford Street while i went and did Soho. The only problem was that everything I wanted to buy either wasn't available or it was too expensive. Like why on earth would I want to buy a pair of really super boota that cost nearly £500.00. I mean like, there is a limit. But they were really nice and comfortable as well. i was trying to explain to my friend in london what the recent funeral that i attended was like. The only thing i could say to him was, do you remember the Princess Di funeral. He said 'yeah'. I said it wasn't as big as that but it was damn near close to being the biggest funeral i have ever attended. This man was a very well liked guy and very well known. We both had a drink to him as we both knew him from past years. My friend in London has been away for quite a while now and it was nice to just talk about some of the things that went on in our past, including the involvement of our recently deceased aquaintance. All being well there will be more live music in the offing. i might be going up to Belfast to see a band that my brother and a friend keep going on about. i have heard some of thir music but never paid much attention to it. i now have the chance to see them live if all works out well. the band in question is called Sparklehorse. i will tell all after i see them if at all. Maybe someone out there in cyberspace can give me a few tips on their style. eh eh. After all, what is the point of spending good money an tickets to see a band that doesn't do anything for you. My idea of a good live band is that when they go on stage you immediately want to get up front at the stage and shake your imanginery long hair at them and shout and scream and let all your inihbitions go. Of course this is after you have ahd ten pints an a vodka chaser first. Or in my case just the vodka's first. We will see, we will see. i have spent most of the day so far putting all my new found Stones memorabilia into their respecful binders and books and cases. I am running out of space. My son / daughter needs to leave the house soon so that i can claim a room for my ever growing collection. this is something I need to do. For the good of me and me alone. After I go, then my wife / children can do what they wish with the collection. i won't need it anymore. But I do need to have somewhere to put it first. People keep telling me that kids tend not to leave home as early as we did in our youthful days. i left home at seventeen and found my first flt. Number one son, who is eighteen can't even boil a feckin' egg. Darling daughter who is twenty one seems to think that spending all her money on clothes is the only way to live. Will my collection ever see the light of day? Who knows?

Posted :: Thursday 8/24/2006 8:19:00 AM

yesterday and today
Yesterday was a miserable day. It rained for most of the time. Today was a great blue sked sunny day. The perfect day for a funeral. A very big funeral at that. I knew that he was well known and well liked by a lot of people. This was one of the largest , if not the largest funerals I have ever been to. People who I haven't seen for years kept saying hello to me. Some of them I knew streaight away. Some of them I had to think about and some of them i had to ask other people who they were. Once i was given a name then all tose years that have past came flushing back to me. All the connections that we had with the deceased. All the good times that we had together. When I thought about it, there were no bad times. It was all fun and games and good times. The service was great. Although it was in a chapel and i was thinking to myself, the only time I am ever in this place is for funerals. too many of them as the years go by. I did used to come here as a young carefree teenager with a lot of my friends. Not as a churchgoer you understand, but to the disco that the church ran. It was one of the better ones in the town in those days for the younger people of the area. I think that was the first time I met the deceased. Ever since then we have know each other but not as close friens, just enough to say hello to and in later years have a pint or two with. I even had him working on my house when he was not too busy. But it was only today, listening to the eulogybeing given by his friends, that i realised that, yes, he was an aquaintence but also a great guy who will be missed around the town and further afield. I didn't feel like going back to work so I came home and got changed out of my funeral/wedding suit and started surfing the net just to take my mind off things. I even looked in on Ebay to see how many bits of tat that I have sold. So far today the total is about £6.50 and rising. I always ask for the buyers to pay me by Paypal. That makes the transaction quicker and it also means that any money that is in my account can then be used by me to buy Rolling Stones stuff and other items that the rest of the family want. My daughter wants me to get her a new battery for her phone. I usually buy them from Hong Kong as they are soooo much cheaper than buying them in the shops here. Will there ever come a time when there will be no more shops to go to. verything will be done online. I hope not. I enjoy looking in the shops so that I can say to myself. 'I can get that cheaper online' Most of the time I can. Being an ex shopkeeper myself, this depresses me. But then again, the shopkeepers of today don't really care much, or otherwise they would train thir staff to be more pleasant to the customers. In my days of retailing, I had to work behind the counter and be a gofer for five years before I was allowed the honour of being call a shop assistant. Nowadays, a sixteen year old can go into retail and be called an assistant manager!!! I do remember one odd occasion in my retailing career. When i sold my business due to health reasons, I started looking for a part time job in the same line of work and i managed to get an interview with one of the countrys largest DIY stores. No names mentioned. I got a bit of a shock when I realised that the person interviewing me was a young lad that used to work for me. He was still in his teens. He was the new Personell Manager for this chian. I didn't get the job. Apparently 22 years of experience meant that I was too over qualified for their store. (thaey didn't want to pay me the going rate in otherwords, they wanted a young school leaver to exploit) I will finish now as I want to write a long over due letter to my Dad who lives in toronto. That's another story. Cheers for now.
Posted :: Wednesday 8/16/2006 7:30:00 AM

My aquaintance whom I spoke about in my last entry died last night. I feel sad as i won't see him any more in the pub or at the builders yards to have a joke and a laugh with. My sympathies to his family.
Posted :: Sunday 8/13/2006 6:31:00 AM

what to do
The Tv is crap tonight. Last night i was looking forward to going on the piss with some friends but it was cancelled at the last minute all because they started drinknig in the afternoon and by the time I was to meet up with them thay were all ready for going home. The cinema tonight is crap as well. What to do. i could alwys read my latest book that i got from the charity shop. I always like to support the charity shops when i can, or is it that i refuse point blank to pay the full asking price for a book from the retail outlets. Probably the latter knowing me as I do. Today I heard some bad news about a aquaintance of mine. He has had a sudden, very sudden, brain haemmorage and is now on a life support system. I hope that he comes out the other end very soon. He is a really nice guy and I have known him for a long time now. After hearing that news I went into town and bumped into various aquaintances who i haven,t seen in ages. It is one of those days? Aquaintance day or something. coming back to what to do tonight. I have just ordered a new CD storage system. This is one of these specialist systems for special collections. I already have two of them and now find that a third is necessary. These systems are for holding the Promo CD singles that are released from time to time by the Rolling Stones especially when they are just about to tour in the this wonderful land. The cds are all different and come from all over the world. If I live to be 200 (as old as Keef) I could never collect all the promos of the band. I could never afford it either. But it is fun and it keeps me out of trouble. So I tell the wife. I don't smoke any more, I hardly drink as much as I used to so I must spend my money on something, spare money that is. Stuff the people who want to sell me life insurance. I will spend the money now, whilke I am able to. When I am dead and gone who cares!!! Not ne anyway. I already have everything covered. I am fed up with cold calling, especially when I am sitting down to my dinner. Everybody wants to sell me everything that they think I should have. None of them stop to ask me 'do I already have'. Of course I already have, that is why I am shutting the door in your face / slamming the phone down on you. Rant rant rant. That's what that was. It helps me to rant on sometimes. you should try it. When I think of it, the TV programme that I like the most is 'Grumy Old Men'. It's because I can relate to what these old gits are trying to say and I can agree with it, no problem. Am I a grumy old man? Should I be on that TV programme? Of course I should be, I could tell them a thing or six about how the modern generation should behave and do. After all, I was brought up properly and told to respect others and and and and oh bollocks. Who cares anyway. I hope that the recent events in air travel don't affect my travel plans for next weekend. I am off to see the Rolling Stones after all at Twickers. I will phone up the airline before i set off to the airport to find out and make sure that my flight is leaving. After all. Don't they know who I am? Mick, Keef, Charlie and ron are expecting me there. If I don't get in they won't play. Well, that's my way of looking at it. Why should 79,998 other people get to see them if I am not there with my wife? One good thing to look forward to next week. My boss has given us all the day off. He is at a managers meeting for most of the day along with his assistant so he told us all to take the day off. Yippee. What can I do? I know. I will read more of my book that i got in the charity shop. And see what I can buy off Ebay to add to my ever expanding collection of Rolling Stones memorabilia. Did I ever mention that I collect Rolling Stones stuff. If you have anything lying about your house let me know and you can send it to me. I will, as always, be eternally grateful. If you don't have anything in that line then you could always send me money to help maintain this web site. How's that for a begging letter? Until the next time. Ta Ta for now.
Posted :: Saturday 8/12/2006 9:15:00 AM

the weekend past
Hi there peeps. I have just had a great weekend(in part) some not so great. Friday i took the afternoon off from work so that i could get myself organised for the next days great event. Yes folks, it's the Car Boot Sale day to beat all other car boot sales in the area. I have gathered up all my unwanted junk and I am ready to sell it all on to the public who want to buy it for a measley 10p or £1.00 or whatever. As long as I get rid of it I don't really care. All I am praying for is good weather. The sunshine brings out the buyers in their hundreds. I must remember to tell you all that this is the boot sale that I run on behalf of the church that my family attend. I don't actually attend except on Xmas day when the service lasts for onlt 20 minutes. The reason I do this is that I was asked to do it by the Rector and I agreed. I have since heard that I will be buried from church for giving up my time in aid of this good cause. Not only do I enjoy doing it but I get to meet so many people from my past that it is just a great place to be. The down side of it is that although we start officialyy at 10.00AM people start arriving at 5.00AM in the feckin morning to get the best spots and to get thir stalls set up. That means I have to be there as well so that the parking is done in an orderly fashion and not willy nilly all over the place. Anyway, I had a good day myself. Lifted nearly £200 on the day and got rid of quite a bit of rubbish that was up in the roof space. More money to spend at the Rolling Stones concert in 2 weeks time. Great innit? Apart from the boot sale and after counting the pennies I went to bed in the afternoon after the event. I had been up since 4.00AM that morning so i thought I deserved a bit of a kip. I went to bed at 2.00PM and must of been really tired as I woke up at about 6.00PM. Just in time for dinner. My favourite. Ribs. They were great. My wife makes the most amazing sauce to go with them. I took things easy the rest of the night and went to bed early. On Sunday I had the job of sorting out the remnants from the day before. I threw out the really trashy stuff and put the rest up in the roof space ready for next years sale. Number one son helped me lift the heavier boxes after he arrived home at 2.00PM from a concert the night before. In my day of going to concerts you arrived home after the concert on the same evening. Things change with time. I bought myself a new Deane Koontz book at the sale. At least it was new to me. A collectors edition. I will maybe start reading it tonight and then put it away to sell at next years sale. I only paid £1.00 for it. not bad for a hardback collectors edition. I reckon I will get £3.00 for it next year. Can I make money or what? I received some great emails from London this evening. They are from one of the friends that i met up with a few weeks ago. I hope to put the pictures up on my web site in the near future. They are really great ones of the town I live in. He took them when he was just a wee lad of 19 years of age. They hold very fond memories for me as I used to work the Speedway and Dodgem Cars for the little lady who owned the place. Yes, I am talking about Barry's Amusements. Now the site of a hotel. Got to go. The boss wants me to work now instaed of playing at the puter. Later.
Posted :: Monday 8/7/2006 4:17:00 AM

oh dear!
OMG. OMG. And another OMGaaawwwddd. Yes. That was me after the wedding and after the last entry. All feckin' night. Needless to say my wife and daughter didn't speak to me all day Sunday and most if not all of Monday. It took me that long to sober up. It must be something to do with my age. Or do i just refuse point blank to realise that too much alcohol is not good for ones system. Mine anyway. And to think, I am on my out again tonight for a session all because one of the boys is leaving the Nursery to go home to France. He's a great guy and has worked really hard while he has been over here with the rest of us. When I get down to the pub tonight I might only have a couple or a few drinks. It all depends what the crack is. I think there is supposed to be kareoke on tonight. The big French lad has to get up and sing otherwise we make him miss his flight tomorrow. Ha Ha. It should be interesting as we also have 8 extra people with us now. They are all from Germany. 6 girls and 2 boys. Lucky boys. eh? That makes the nursery population look something like this. Germany = 8, France = 1, Spain = 2, Hungary = 1, Ireland (republic) = 1, Ireland(norhtern) = 3. not bad. A fairly good representation of the old EU or EAU or whatever it is called now. My darling daughter has just been in and told me that she thinks that she might have foot and mouth. She stuck her foot in my face and showed me what she had. My memories of foot and mouth was seeing thousands of cattle being burned and buried when I was a wee lad in the 60's. Apparently there is a few cases of the disease in the childrens nursery where she works. Scary eh? She is now getting a proper full medical proffesional examination over her mobile from one of her non medical girlfriends who happened to have had it in the past. I told her just to let me cut her foot off and see what happens. She was not amused. Strange, when nobody wants to speak to me all because I had a few drinks and boked a little teensey weensey bit, now they want my advice when something goes wrong. Thinking back. It wasn't boke. It was more wretch. You know. When you think you want to be sick but there is nothing there to be sick with. I will have to mention this to my Swedish nurse. See what she says. I am seeing her on Monday. Oh! Have i not mentioned my Swedish nurse? sorry. This is my nurse who looks after me and my kidneys up at the renal unit in the City Hospital. I see her every 6 weeks. I am trying my hardest to keep off going onto dialysis on top of all my other problems. Definitely, if I was a horse, I would shoot myself. If anybody wants to add any comments or suggest any other ways of dealing with this please feel free to let me know. But sometimes i feel like a horse anyway. That's what democracy and freedom of speech does to a body from time to time. For now that's it. i am away to put my glad rags on and head down the pub and see what the crack is (not craic, it's feckin crack!!!) Until the next posting. Byse Byse
Posted :: Tuesday 8/1/2006 12:17:00 PM

who cares anyway
Hi. I am just home from a family wedding do. You know, one of those weddings that you don't know anybody and anybody doesn't know you. Who cares anyway. The main thing was, I got to drink and drink and drink even more. No, I am not drunk. When I am drunk i can't get the key in the door never mind turning the feckin computer on. Anyway, at this wedding do I had to smile at peo0ple that I have never met of heard of in my life. I also had to buy drinks for these same people hoping on the off chance that they might buy me one in return. No such feckin luck. A bunch of freeloaders. That is until i me up with my father in laws brothers son who happened to be the groom. He is such a nice guy. So is his father. They kept on asking me if i wanted a drink. Me being the sort of person I am i said yes. Who in their right mind turns down a free drink? Excuse me a moment, I need to go to the bog. Back soon. OK. I am back again. Where was I? Oh yes. Free drink. As a result of the free drinks i am now in the sate of tips that i am in. It feels great without having to wake up in the mornig with a feckin hangover. Just like it was in London last weekend. As much as i like mt inlaws they do make me laugh. Especially my father in law. On the way home he was talking about something and nobody in the car could make out a word he was saying. He was just sitting in the back seat mumbling these words out to everybody. It was really funny. Maybe he will have a hangover in the morning. Maybe not. Still. Isn't that what weddings are about? I know for certain that i didn't get up to dance because i was nursing my drink too much. To get up and dance i have to be really gone. If i was really gone I couldn't be doing this noe could I? It was quite interesting at the meal because the head waiter had a seizure. It was a grand mal seizure that epileptics have. I am an epileptic. What really pissed me off was that people were saying he had a fit. I hate that word fit. It was a feckin seizure. I really felt sorry for the guy. I didn't turn round and stare at him because i felt totally embarresseed for the guy but everybody else in the room was sitting there gawking at him. I wanted to shout at them to stop looking at the guy. He was embarressed enough. I nkow. I have been there, worn the tee shirt and come out the other end. Would you all stop the feck looking at the guy. The ambulance boys arrived and while they were dealing with him they had the decency to put up a screen so that nobody could see what they were doing. I really hope that the guy feels better tomorrow. From my own experience it takes a full day to recover from shit like that. Unless you are an epileptic there is no point in trying to explain what you are going through. After all that comotion we all headed off to the dance hall. In there there were all the people arring for the evening event. There was a live band and later on there was going to be a disco. By this time my father in law turned to me and said, 'whre are all the girls with the big chests'? I was somewhat shocked. this man is in his mid sixties but i also had a bit of a laugh to myself. My mother in law hadn't heard this neither had my wife. So, As a dutiful son in law I pointed out all the young girls with the big chests to him. No matter who I pointed out he just said, 'those arn't big'. What could I do. Shortly after this game we left as we were getting a lift home from my wife and she didn't want to stay any longer. She was in pain. My wife has spina bifida and i can only imagine the pain she suffers. So it was a quick drink up time between myself and my in laws. A quick few hugs around the family that I have never met before and then hometime. Weddings are great for bring people together. Aren't they?
Posted :: Saturday 7/29/2006 2:03:00 PM