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yesterday and today
Yesterday was a miserable day. It rained for most of the time. Today was a great blue sked sunny day. The perfect day for a funeral. A very big funeral at that. I knew that he was well known and well liked by a lot of people. This was one of the largest , if not the largest funerals I have ever been to. People who I haven't seen for years kept saying hello to me. Some of them I knew streaight away. Some of them I had to think about and some of them i had to ask other people who they were. Once i was given a name then all tose years that have past came flushing back to me. All the connections that we had with the deceased. All the good times that we had together. When I thought about it, there were no bad times. It was all fun and games and good times. The service was great. Although it was in a chapel and i was thinking to myself, the only time I am ever in this place is for funerals. too many of them as the years go by. I did used to come here as a young carefree teenager with a lot of my friends. Not as a churchgoer you understand, but to the disco that the church ran. It was one of the better ones in the town in those days for the younger people of the area. I think that was the first time I met the deceased. Ever since then we have know each other but not as close friens, just enough to say hello to and in later years have a pint or two with. I even had him working on my house when he was not too busy. But it was only today, listening to the eulogybeing given by his friends, that i realised that, yes, he was an aquaintence but also a great guy who will be missed around the town and further afield. I didn't feel like going back to work so I came home and got changed out of my funeral/wedding suit and started surfing the net just to take my mind off things. I even looked in on Ebay to see how many bits of tat that I have sold. So far today the total is about £6.50 and rising. I always ask for the buyers to pay me by Paypal. That makes the transaction quicker and it also means that any money that is in my account can then be used by me to buy Rolling Stones stuff and other items that the rest of the family want. My daughter wants me to get her a new battery for her phone. I usually buy them from Hong Kong as they are soooo much cheaper than buying them in the shops here. Will there ever come a time when there will be no more shops to go to. verything will be done online. I hope not. I enjoy looking in the shops so that I can say to myself. 'I can get that cheaper online' Most of the time I can. Being an ex shopkeeper myself, this depresses me. But then again, the shopkeepers of today don't really care much, or otherwise they would train thir staff to be more pleasant to the customers. In my days of retailing, I had to work behind the counter and be a gofer for five years before I was allowed the honour of being call a shop assistant. Nowadays, a sixteen year old can go into retail and be called an assistant manager!!! I do remember one odd occasion in my retailing career. When i sold my business due to health reasons, I started looking for a part time job in the same line of work and i managed to get an interview with one of the countrys largest DIY stores. No names mentioned. I got a bit of a shock when I realised that the person interviewing me was a young lad that used to work for me. He was still in his teens. He was the new Personell Manager for this chian. I didn't get the job. Apparently 22 years of experience meant that I was too over qualified for their store. (thaey didn't want to pay me the going rate in otherwords, they wanted a young school leaver to exploit) I will finish now as I want to write a long over due letter to my Dad who lives in toronto. That's another story. Cheers for now.
Posted :: Wednesday 8/16/2006 7:30:00 AM

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