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The Tv is crap tonight. Last night i was looking forward to going on the piss with some friends but it was cancelled at the last minute all because they started drinknig in the afternoon and by the time I was to meet up with them thay were all ready for going home. The cinema tonight is crap as well. What to do. i could alwys read my latest book that i got from the charity shop. I always like to support the charity shops when i can, or is it that i refuse point blank to pay the full asking price for a book from the retail outlets. Probably the latter knowing me as I do. Today I heard some bad news about a aquaintance of mine. He has had a sudden, very sudden, brain haemmorage and is now on a life support system. I hope that he comes out the other end very soon. He is a really nice guy and I have known him for a long time now. After hearing that news I went into town and bumped into various aquaintances who i haven,t seen in ages. It is one of those days? Aquaintance day or something. coming back to what to do tonight. I have just ordered a new CD storage system. This is one of these specialist systems for special collections. I already have two of them and now find that a third is necessary. These systems are for holding the Promo CD singles that are released from time to time by the Rolling Stones especially when they are just about to tour in the this wonderful land. The cds are all different and come from all over the world. If I live to be 200 (as old as Keef) I could never collect all the promos of the band. I could never afford it either. But it is fun and it keeps me out of trouble. So I tell the wife. I don't smoke any more, I hardly drink as much as I used to so I must spend my money on something, spare money that is. Stuff the people who want to sell me life insurance. I will spend the money now, whilke I am able to. When I am dead and gone who cares!!! Not ne anyway. I already have everything covered. I am fed up with cold calling, especially when I am sitting down to my dinner. Everybody wants to sell me everything that they think I should have. None of them stop to ask me 'do I already have'. Of course I already have, that is why I am shutting the door in your face / slamming the phone down on you. Rant rant rant. That's what that was. It helps me to rant on sometimes. you should try it. When I think of it, the TV programme that I like the most is 'Grumy Old Men'. It's because I can relate to what these old gits are trying to say and I can agree with it, no problem. Am I a grumy old man? Should I be on that TV programme? Of course I should be, I could tell them a thing or six about how the modern generation should behave and do. After all, I was brought up properly and told to respect others and and and and oh bollocks. Who cares anyway. I hope that the recent events in air travel don't affect my travel plans for next weekend. I am off to see the Rolling Stones after all at Twickers. I will phone up the airline before i set off to the airport to find out and make sure that my flight is leaving. After all. Don't they know who I am? Mick, Keef, Charlie and ron are expecting me there. If I don't get in they won't play. Well, that's my way of looking at it. Why should 79,998 other people get to see them if I am not there with my wife? One good thing to look forward to next week. My boss has given us all the day off. He is at a managers meeting for most of the day along with his assistant so he told us all to take the day off. Yippee. What can I do? I know. I will read more of my book that i got in the charity shop. And see what I can buy off Ebay to add to my ever expanding collection of Rolling Stones memorabilia. Did I ever mention that I collect Rolling Stones stuff. If you have anything lying about your house let me know and you can send it to me. I will, as always, be eternally grateful. If you don't have anything in that line then you could always send me money to help maintain this web site. How's that for a begging letter? Until the next time. Ta Ta for now.
Posted :: Saturday 8/12/2006 9:15:00 AM

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