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the weekend past
Hi there peeps. I have just had a great weekend(in part) some not so great. Friday i took the afternoon off from work so that i could get myself organised for the next days great event. Yes folks, it's the Car Boot Sale day to beat all other car boot sales in the area. I have gathered up all my unwanted junk and I am ready to sell it all on to the public who want to buy it for a measley 10p or £1.00 or whatever. As long as I get rid of it I don't really care. All I am praying for is good weather. The sunshine brings out the buyers in their hundreds. I must remember to tell you all that this is the boot sale that I run on behalf of the church that my family attend. I don't actually attend except on Xmas day when the service lasts for onlt 20 minutes. The reason I do this is that I was asked to do it by the Rector and I agreed. I have since heard that I will be buried from church for giving up my time in aid of this good cause. Not only do I enjoy doing it but I get to meet so many people from my past that it is just a great place to be. The down side of it is that although we start officialyy at 10.00AM people start arriving at 5.00AM in the feckin morning to get the best spots and to get thir stalls set up. That means I have to be there as well so that the parking is done in an orderly fashion and not willy nilly all over the place. Anyway, I had a good day myself. Lifted nearly £200 on the day and got rid of quite a bit of rubbish that was up in the roof space. More money to spend at the Rolling Stones concert in 2 weeks time. Great innit? Apart from the boot sale and after counting the pennies I went to bed in the afternoon after the event. I had been up since 4.00AM that morning so i thought I deserved a bit of a kip. I went to bed at 2.00PM and must of been really tired as I woke up at about 6.00PM. Just in time for dinner. My favourite. Ribs. They were great. My wife makes the most amazing sauce to go with them. I took things easy the rest of the night and went to bed early. On Sunday I had the job of sorting out the remnants from the day before. I threw out the really trashy stuff and put the rest up in the roof space ready for next years sale. Number one son helped me lift the heavier boxes after he arrived home at 2.00PM from a concert the night before. In my day of going to concerts you arrived home after the concert on the same evening. Things change with time. I bought myself a new Deane Koontz book at the sale. At least it was new to me. A collectors edition. I will maybe start reading it tonight and then put it away to sell at next years sale. I only paid £1.00 for it. not bad for a hardback collectors edition. I reckon I will get £3.00 for it next year. Can I make money or what? I received some great emails from London this evening. They are from one of the friends that i met up with a few weeks ago. I hope to put the pictures up on my web site in the near future. They are really great ones of the town I live in. He took them when he was just a wee lad of 19 years of age. They hold very fond memories for me as I used to work the Speedway and Dodgem Cars for the little lady who owned the place. Yes, I am talking about Barry's Amusements. Now the site of a hotel. Got to go. The boss wants me to work now instaed of playing at the puter. Later.
Posted :: Monday 8/7/2006 4:17:00 AM

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