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oh dear!
OMG. OMG. And another OMGaaawwwddd. Yes. That was me after the wedding and after the last entry. All feckin' night. Needless to say my wife and daughter didn't speak to me all day Sunday and most if not all of Monday. It took me that long to sober up. It must be something to do with my age. Or do i just refuse point blank to realise that too much alcohol is not good for ones system. Mine anyway. And to think, I am on my out again tonight for a session all because one of the boys is leaving the Nursery to go home to France. He's a great guy and has worked really hard while he has been over here with the rest of us. When I get down to the pub tonight I might only have a couple or a few drinks. It all depends what the crack is. I think there is supposed to be kareoke on tonight. The big French lad has to get up and sing otherwise we make him miss his flight tomorrow. Ha Ha. It should be interesting as we also have 8 extra people with us now. They are all from Germany. 6 girls and 2 boys. Lucky boys. eh? That makes the nursery population look something like this. Germany = 8, France = 1, Spain = 2, Hungary = 1, Ireland (republic) = 1, Ireland(norhtern) = 3. not bad. A fairly good representation of the old EU or EAU or whatever it is called now. My darling daughter has just been in and told me that she thinks that she might have foot and mouth. She stuck her foot in my face and showed me what she had. My memories of foot and mouth was seeing thousands of cattle being burned and buried when I was a wee lad in the 60's. Apparently there is a few cases of the disease in the childrens nursery where she works. Scary eh? She is now getting a proper full medical proffesional examination over her mobile from one of her non medical girlfriends who happened to have had it in the past. I told her just to let me cut her foot off and see what happens. She was not amused. Strange, when nobody wants to speak to me all because I had a few drinks and boked a little teensey weensey bit, now they want my advice when something goes wrong. Thinking back. It wasn't boke. It was more wretch. You know. When you think you want to be sick but there is nothing there to be sick with. I will have to mention this to my Swedish nurse. See what she says. I am seeing her on Monday. Oh! Have i not mentioned my Swedish nurse? sorry. This is my nurse who looks after me and my kidneys up at the renal unit in the City Hospital. I see her every 6 weeks. I am trying my hardest to keep off going onto dialysis on top of all my other problems. Definitely, if I was a horse, I would shoot myself. If anybody wants to add any comments or suggest any other ways of dealing with this please feel free to let me know. But sometimes i feel like a horse anyway. That's what democracy and freedom of speech does to a body from time to time. For now that's it. i am away to put my glad rags on and head down the pub and see what the crack is (not craic, it's feckin crack!!!) Until the next posting. Byse Byse
Posted :: Tuesday 8/1/2006 12:17:00 PM

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