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who cares anyway
Hi. I am just home from a family wedding do. You know, one of those weddings that you don't know anybody and anybody doesn't know you. Who cares anyway. The main thing was, I got to drink and drink and drink even more. No, I am not drunk. When I am drunk i can't get the key in the door never mind turning the feckin computer on. Anyway, at this wedding do I had to smile at peo0ple that I have never met of heard of in my life. I also had to buy drinks for these same people hoping on the off chance that they might buy me one in return. No such feckin luck. A bunch of freeloaders. That is until i me up with my father in laws brothers son who happened to be the groom. He is such a nice guy. So is his father. They kept on asking me if i wanted a drink. Me being the sort of person I am i said yes. Who in their right mind turns down a free drink? Excuse me a moment, I need to go to the bog. Back soon. OK. I am back again. Where was I? Oh yes. Free drink. As a result of the free drinks i am now in the sate of tips that i am in. It feels great without having to wake up in the mornig with a feckin hangover. Just like it was in London last weekend. As much as i like mt inlaws they do make me laugh. Especially my father in law. On the way home he was talking about something and nobody in the car could make out a word he was saying. He was just sitting in the back seat mumbling these words out to everybody. It was really funny. Maybe he will have a hangover in the morning. Maybe not. Still. Isn't that what weddings are about? I know for certain that i didn't get up to dance because i was nursing my drink too much. To get up and dance i have to be really gone. If i was really gone I couldn't be doing this noe could I? It was quite interesting at the meal because the head waiter had a seizure. It was a grand mal seizure that epileptics have. I am an epileptic. What really pissed me off was that people were saying he had a fit. I hate that word fit. It was a feckin seizure. I really felt sorry for the guy. I didn't turn round and stare at him because i felt totally embarresseed for the guy but everybody else in the room was sitting there gawking at him. I wanted to shout at them to stop looking at the guy. He was embarressed enough. I nkow. I have been there, worn the tee shirt and come out the other end. Would you all stop the feck looking at the guy. The ambulance boys arrived and while they were dealing with him they had the decency to put up a screen so that nobody could see what they were doing. I really hope that the guy feels better tomorrow. From my own experience it takes a full day to recover from shit like that. Unless you are an epileptic there is no point in trying to explain what you are going through. After all that comotion we all headed off to the dance hall. In there there were all the people arring for the evening event. There was a live band and later on there was going to be a disco. By this time my father in law turned to me and said, 'whre are all the girls with the big chests'? I was somewhat shocked. this man is in his mid sixties but i also had a bit of a laugh to myself. My mother in law hadn't heard this neither had my wife. So, As a dutiful son in law I pointed out all the young girls with the big chests to him. No matter who I pointed out he just said, 'those arn't big'. What could I do. Shortly after this game we left as we were getting a lift home from my wife and she didn't want to stay any longer. She was in pain. My wife has spina bifida and i can only imagine the pain she suffers. So it was a quick drink up time between myself and my in laws. A quick few hugs around the family that I have never met before and then hometime. Weddings are great for bring people together. Aren't they?
Posted :: Saturday 7/29/2006 2:03:00 PM

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