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I have just recently got back from a long weekend in London catching up with some old mates. I am still trying to sober up. Every time i stand up I feel dizzy and want to sit down again. Maybe its not the drink that was consumed but the lack of sleep because there was so much drink consumed. Who knows. It was just a great weekend and it was great to see some of my old buddies from the past and present. I don't know how he does it but one of the guys looks just like he did 25 years ago except for the colour of his hair. Out of all of us we must have made a total age of around 304 years. I wonder will the Rolling Stones ever achieve that !! Spent loads of money on things for me and the wife and the kids but then again they all deserve some wee thing for letting me go away with rowdies like that. I did discover one thing about one of the lads. He sleepwalks. Especially when he has had a skinful. It's just as well he didn't come to any harm, but it was funny watching him. He was none the wiser in the morning when I told him. Apart from meeting up with old buddies i also met up with a guy that I went to the very 1st Castle Donnington rock concert. This was in the days before Monsters of Rock. It was rteally good to see him again. As always it is good to get home to ones own bed. i know my friend tries his best to make me comfortable but nothing beats your own bed. For over 45 years now I have been in and out of hospital and the thing i always look forward to the most, apart from home cooking, is my own bed. While i was away there was trouble at mill. What could I do but wait until I got home. Most of the trouble concerned number one son. Masybe even all the trouble concerned him. When i did get home i listened to everyones side of the stories before i tackled him. I sat him down in the conservatory and had a chat with him. I didn't shout at him, although I wanted to, I didn't hit him, althought I felt like it, I just chatted to him. We talked for a while and I think i came to an agreement with him. I told him what I was worth and that he would get half of everything upon my demise. I then told him that if he ever did anything like that again i would cut him out of my will and his sister, darling daughter, would get the lot. I think it sunk in. Only time will tell. I also told him that he had to find a job by the end of this week. This is Thursday and there is no sign of anything as yet. He might just suprise us all and do something. Anything!! I am going to meet up with my wife after she gets out of work and take her out for lunch. I think she is the one who needs it the most. Ta for now
Posted :: Thursday 7/27/2006 2:33:00 AM

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