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Today is a bad day. I am not in the best of health. Last night I managed to accidently OD on insulin and as a result I went hypo at aroung 4.30AM. The reason I ODed was quite simple really. As I am getting older my mind is going elsewhere when i really need to concentrate more on what I am doing. So, instead of taking my slow acting insulin I managed to pick up my fast acting insulin and gave myself 3 times the ammount of the stuff that I normally have and not only that it was a faster acting bloody one at that. Hence me wakening up in the early hours of the morning with the sweat pouring out of me from the top of my head to the very tips of my toes and I didn't / couldn't understand why. I knoew within myself that something was wrong but unless you are a diabetic it is very difficult to explain the feeling to you. Fortunately my wife is at hand during these incidents and she can manage to counteract the low blood sugar to great effect now. After being married for nearly 25 years I would like to think that she is helping me and not the opposite, although I am sure there are times when she shouts at me because i have woken her out of her sweet dreams. But who cares? I do of course. As a result of the happenings at 4.30AM by the time 7.00AM comes around I can't face getting up to go to work. So I sent in my apologies, not for being sick you understand, I never apologise for being sick, but more just to say that I wouldn't be in today. They understan. So I just sat about doing nothing at all except getting my blood levels back to normal and bringing my energy levels up as well. I am so used to this now that it is a normal way of life for me. In 5 years time I will be awarded my 50 year medal with diabetes. I want to be alive for that so i do try to look after myself as best I can. Everything I do in life is based around my health. I have such a long list of problems that if I was a horse I would shoot myself,or the vet would anyway. I hope that tomorrow is going to be a better day. I am looking forward to it as sitting around the house drives me crazy. One good thing that happened today was when the postman arrived with a package for me from Germany. It contained the new rolling Stones 7" vinyl taken off their ne album. I will not play this record as I want to keep it in mint condition. It will go with the hundres of other records / cds / albums / etc etc that I have collected over the years. My wife thinks I am mad but I look upon it as an investment.(It also keeps me out of the pub and I don't smoke) When I die she can do what she wants with my collection but for the now it is mine and nobody gets their hands on it. Someday before i die I will get this collection catalogued and maybe sell it myself and go away with my wife somewhere where the bank of mom and dad can't be got at by darling daughter and number one son. Talking of whom, he is out looking in earnest for a job. I have told him that he needs something as he is spending more that what he is not earning. Darling daughter is more or less self sufficient but she is still sorting out her life. I think that at 21 she should be out there living her own life even if it is only sharing a flat with girlfriends or something. Maybe I am too old fashioned. Who cares. It is still my house. Talk later
Posted :: Tuesday 7/18/2006 1:01:00 PM

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