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Some bands, upon starting out, think the optimum method of tuning into the local music scene is to get 'gigs'. Made In Korea weren't of this ilk. Instead, they took three years to become a single sound, and to fine tune their writing process and songs, instead of cheating people out of their money by giving half-assed performances. During those three years, the name 'Made In Korea' was taken off a telecaster as the band's working title…..and its still working to this day, at least until they can create a better one.
"Anywhere in the world but this.." is now available from HMV stores across the country. Check out their excellent website, "", for more information and upcoming gigs or bounce over to the new members forum @
No Easy Answers 4.55Mb           No Reply 5.34Mb (Right click and save as.)

Suki are a Bangor based band playing melodic rock. Their music is influenced mainly by rock and jazz. They have been featured on both Radio One's Evening Session and Downtown Radio.
Suki have produced two demos the first self-titled and the second Pinkeye from which these tracks have been taken.
for more band information or for purchasing details.
Pinkeye 3.61Mb           Streets Of Nowhere 3.62Mb


The current incarnation of The Serranos formed just over a year ago and already they have made a name for themselves on the Belfast scene. Some very cool tunes download them now!
Sometimes 2.21Mb           Come Down 3.62Mb

The Shaky Brown Band
The Shaky Brown Band play a dynamic blend of high energy up tempo R&B and Blues originals.
Since the bands formation 3 years ago the 5 piece outfit have become one of the premier Blues Bands in the North. The band is fronted by singer/songwriter Shaky Brown with Sconny on Lead Guitar and Roy on Blues Harp. Bass and Drums are included.
The band have played all the major Blues Festivals throughout Ireland
More recently the band supported Tony McPhee & The Groundhogs on their visit to the Newtownards Guitar Festival.
Both these MP3's were recorded live:
Big House 2.66Mb
Gimmie Something 3.20Mb

Copyrights to all songs belong to the respective artists.


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