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Name: Diana Glasgow
Where: US (now working in Russia)
Most interesting! I look forward to visiting northern Ireland again soon and hope to make it to Bangor to see for myself.
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Name: John Parker
Where: New Zealand
My grandmother was born in Bangor. Her father's name was Francis and her mother's Campbell. I was told my great grandfather once ran a fishing boat in Bangor Bay. I'm coming to Ireland in late July and am curious if any of my distant kin still live in Bangor. Perhaps someone can steer right here.
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Name: carolann
Where: Bangor Northern Ireland
I was born Feb 20th 1949 in Bangor hospital,my mothers maiden name was Elizabeth Whitside,and my fathers name Henry Aubry Joseph. I lived with my grandparents Mary(minnie)and William Whiteside at 54 Victoria Rd.while my mother went to the United States(where I live now).Some of my family still live in Bangor,the last time I was there was 1985 and to this day I still miss my hometown.My grandmother was originaly from Cumber and my granddad family from Scotland.Some of our family names are : Lough,Mahaffey,Pollock & Murdock.I have cousins that still live in Bangor June (Lough}Hayburn, Ronnie Lough and Helen Whiteside.Is Bangor's newspaper still "The Spectator"? if so we would like to know if there is a Web Site would you please E-Mail me at the address below thank you carolann Prospero(nee: Joseph)
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I was born in Belfast and came to Canada in 1952. Anybody out there remember me? I used to live on Nevis Avenue and went to Strandtown School. Would love to hear from people who knew me.
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Name: Mark.J.A
Where: Bangor, N.Ireland
Bangor isn't as bad as everyone sometimes makes it out to be. You cant really do much here, but the people are friendly and kind. There is a church here called BANGOR ELIM PENTICOSTAL CHURCH. I gave my life to the lord on 15th september 2002 and it was the best decision of my life. I spoke to pastor GARY BETTIE about maybe not being accepted by Christ, but he told me that everyone is. I made some bad mistakes in life and he said that people do such things, but that doesn't mean that god wont accept you. If you ever visit bangor, be sure to drop in the the church, you wont regret it!! sun 10:30 am // 6:30pm Mark.J.A
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Name: chloe
Where: england
if any one whos knows of a boy called BIBS who is from bangor and living in leicester and goes to De Montfort uni they can tel him he was crap!
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Name: Eileen O`Neill Green
Where: United States of America
I was born in Bangor and I love to visit your site, I do not remember leaving there, but I want to learn as much as possible about it. Some friends, and my husband and myself are shortly going to visit there- I am so excited.
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Name: Rob
Where: Canada
Looking for anyone who was a class mate of mine in Bangor Boys High School. My last year was 1974. The year the old bangor Intermediate got better "O level results than Bangor Grammer. This didn't make the Spectator. I was in 3Y,4G and 5G and amongst others, Norman Hagan, Steve Brodie, Lawrence Boyd, Bob Henry, John Carson, Brian Hopley, the McCormick twins Dave and Ken, Billy McAlister. Mark Hall lives in Northern Ontario, haven't run into him in years, Canada is a big place.
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Name: saint bangor
Where: bangor
i love bangor!!!
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Name: Michelle Yvette Beveridge
Where: St. Catherines, Ontario Canada
I lived in Bangor when I was a little girl, and still have it in my heart. My Aunt and Uncle and cousins still live there. Although I was born in Canada and came "home" when I was a year old, I still think of it that way? I left it when I was six years old. I love to visit through the internet. I was "home" 9/11 and although we had a hard time getting back to Canada, I would go back in a heartbeat.
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Name: Maureen
Where: San Francisco
Where might I find a list of people who have served as Mayor of Bangor from about the mid 1700s to the mid 1800s?
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Name: Maureen Mackey
Where: Katoomba Australia
Just to let you know how much I have enjoyed your web page. It was great to just get a little of Bangor over here in Australia, I left Bangor in 1965 but still get a little home sick. I am looking forward to my visit in May/June this year and shall be able to keep up with what is going on over there now that I have found your page, thanks for a great site. Regards Maureen Mackey
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