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Name: rob copeland
Where: bangor
just looking for any old friends or enemies
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Name: Austen Lennon
Where: NDBC
I like it... very informative.
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Name: Mr Shady
Where: ???
Hi your town...see ya all soon
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Name: karen graham
Where: usa
i am looking for anyone that went to school with me at glenlola.please contact me at the email above ----thanks
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Name: Betty
Where: Salford, but originally from Bangor
As an ex-pat it's great to have a way to keep in touch
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Name: Sid
Where: Bangor
hi, did you know Bangor used to have a beach? Yeah, the spot where people from Ballyhome keep their boats used to be a beach. Hey lets play a game, it's called hands up who got a job as a result of the marina, oh look, three cleaners from kilcooley. Congratulations, you win an eviction order should the council ever need your house to build white elephants on.
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Name: Frank Gunther
Where: Clifton Park,N.Y. USA
I am happy to tell you I have been coresponding with two of your townspeople Alan And Emer Hodges for over a year and a half now,and have learned a lot about your charming town from them.They have sent pictures and items of interest thus making me feel like a member of their family and ultimately one of the foreign residents of Bangor. Frank Gunther
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Name: Josh Locke
Where: Epping NH USA
I am coming to Bangor to visit my friend in October. Can't wait to get there and have some fun.
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Name: Franca
Where: Cupar, Fife
Hi there. have just spent the last 4 days in Bangor (Helen's Bay actually). Just want to say I think it's lovely. a big HI and Thank You to Rob Andrews aka Mr Blonde (see you soon doll!)x
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Name: Alan Elliott
Where: Sth-Australia
Looking for Terry Totten who worked at Post Office during the 1950s
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Name: Alan Gowdy
Where: Sussex (ex-Bangor)
Great to keep in touch with things back home via the internet - I get all nostalgic!! The History Of Bangor section is really well done and informative. I well remember going to the Tonic as a boy. If anyone out there remembers me, send me a message on [email protected] Cheers.
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Name: Anne Docherty
Where: Living in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Originally from Bangor, maiden name Anne Armstrong, trying to make contact with former school friends. Attended Bangor Tech up until 1960. Would love to hear from any of my old classmates.
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