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Name: Willem Bakema
Where: Netherlands
Hello all, I'm looking for the grave of my mother's uncle. His ship was sunk by an German U-boot above Bangor (northern Ireland) by a torpedo on november 7th 1940. His name is Ysbrandus Coenrades Smeenk and the ships name was "Santa Lucia" If anyone knows something or knows were I can look for mor information please mail me. All information is very welcome. My email-adress is [email protected] Willem Bakema Netherlands
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Name: Carissa Campbell
Where: Bang -ooor
Missing home like mad - in Chicago (hell on earth) cant wait to get back to good oul Norn Iron to get a decent drink and pee in Bangor Marina
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Name: homer
Where: bangor
Check out the excellent forum at Just came accross it a few days ago apparently the council have already banned the site
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Name: Maureen Hayward
Where: Helston, Cornwall
I would like info on Music Competition for 2006 as our Mabe Ladies Choir is considering a visit. Also contact with Bangor Ladies Choir please. I believe 2005 festival is in April? Any info on Hotel and coaches for 40-50 people for 3/4 nights. We would fly into Belfast City Airport.
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Name: Rhonda and Joy Stevenson
Where: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
My daughter, Joy, and I enjoyed looking though the site. Joy attends Arrowhead Elementary School and is in the 2nd grade. Bangor schools are our sister school. We have been enjoying the visit from our friends from Bangor this week. Joy has learned much and is looking forward to learning more about Bangor and life there for students. She wonders what games they play during recess or PE (Physical Education). Your website has given her further insight into life there. She didn't realize how big Bangor was until now. Thank you so much for giving that oppurtunity to my daughter. We hope that one day we will be able to visit your fair city. Rhonda and Joy Stevenson
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Name: David Stewart
Where: England
Hi, In 1966 i worked at F.W.Woolworth on Main Street in Bangor. During that time i met a girl by the name of MARLENE JACKSON. I would very much like to contact her, does anyone out there no Marlene. She will be about 60 years of age now.
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Name: Bill McTear
Where: Escondido, California
Hello. My wife & I will be driving up to Bangor on Oct. 20, 2005. My mother Anna Kathleen McTear(nee Mathers)was born in Belfast & grew up in Bangor. She left for US at age 22 when her dad(Captain William Mathers)took a position with United Fruit as senior captain out of Boston, Mass. Some of her cousins in & around Bangor area back then were the Laceys, Wilsons & Fowlers. Her mother's maiden name was Addie Wilson. Just wondering if any of my cousins still there?
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Name: Hugh Cree
Where: Pickering Ontario
Would be interested to hear from Caroline Cree New York. (Email has been returned)
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Name: cold
Where: rain
i love bangor i miss it i wish i was there bangor rocks yoooooooooooooo
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Name: Len Mckeag
Where: Bournemouth Dorset
To Raymond Rea from Bangor who worked in the Old Rathgael school; Often think of you and the times we had together. Perhaps you could get in touch if you ever get to read this message. Regards Len (House 6 for ever)
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Name: George McLaren
Where: Glasgow
I am trying to find an old friend from Bangor I last saw him in 1985. His name is Stephen Connor and he is Bangor. If any one knows him or his whereabouts they can contact me by email my email address is [email protected]
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Name: Tim Sprouster
Where: Australia
I visited Bangor last year and was really taken with the place.It really is a great part of the world.My partner is from there and we have the ambition to return one day soon.We have three little kids and think it would be a great place for them to grow up. kind regards from Sydney Austalia. HAPPY NEW YEAR
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