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Population Demographics For Bangor From 1841 to 1991 Population Graph for Bangor 1841 to 1991

Important World Events For Each Year

1841 Population: 3116
Hong Kong Was Occupied By The British / The London To Brighton Commuter Express Train Began / The Staple Was Patented By Samuel Slocum / The Venetian Blind Was Patented / Greenwich Mean Time Was Adopted By Scotland / Cornflour Was Invented

1851 Population: 2850
The New York Times Was Published For The 1st Time / Isaac Singer Was Granted A Patent For His Sewing Machine / Queen Victoria Opened The Great Exhibition In Hyde Park London / Dr John Gorrie Patented A Refridgeration Machine / Gold Was Discovered In Australia / The Window Tax Was Abolished In Britain / Alan Clarke Patented The Telescope /

1861 Population: 2531
The Steam Elevator Was Patented By Elisha Otis / The 1st Moving Picture Peep Show Machine Was Patented By Samuel Goodale / Abraham Lincoln Was Sworn In As The 16th American President / London’s Trams Began Operating For The First Time In Bayswater / The American Civil War Began /

1871 Population: 2560
The First Cable Car Was Patented / The University Test Acts Allowed Students To Enter Oxford And Cambridge Without Religious Tests / Parliament Passed The Bank Holiday Act / Britain’s 1st Official Bank Holiday Took Place, ‘Whit Sunday’ / The 1st Cat Show Was Held At Crystal Palace / The Rogues Gallery was Started – When Photographs Of all Britain’s Prisoners Were Taken For The 1st Time / Henry Morton Stanley discovered Missing Explorer David Livingstone / The Albert Hall In London was Opened By Queen Victoria / The 1st Ever Circus Opened In New York /

1881 Population: 3006
British Troops Were Defeated By The Boers At Majuba Hill, Transvaal / Tsar Alexander 11 Of Russia Died After A Bomb Was Thrown At Him In St Petersburg / The Natural History Museum Opened In London / Benjamin Disraeli Died /

1891 Population: 3834
The 1st Penalty Kick In An English League Match Was Taken / The 1st American Express Travellers’ Cheque Was Cashed / The Submarine, Monarch, Laid The 1st Underwater Telephone Cable / The London-Paris Telephone Link Came Into Operation / American Inventor, Thomas Edison, Gave A Public Demonstration Of His Kinetoscope, A Moving Picture Machine /

1901 Population: 5903
The Commonwealth Of Australia Was Formed / 12 Manchester Shop Owners Were Prosecuted For Selling Beer Containing Arsenic / In Manchester, An Explosion At A Hat Factory Killed 12 People / Car Registration Became Compulsory In France / Hubert Cecil Booth Patented The Vacuum Cleaner / The Speed Limit For Cars In French Tows Was Set At 10 Miles Per Hour / The House Of Lords Confirmed The Status Of Trade Unions As Legal Bodies / Ping Pong Was Launched /

1911 Population: 7776
The First Landing Of An Aircraft Of An Aircraft On A Ships Deck Was Made / In France Women Attacked Fruit And Vegetable Shops In Protest At High Food Prices / Britain’s 1st Air Mail Service Began / British MP’s Voted To Receive Salaries For The 1st Time. They Were Set At £400 / The 1st Electric Trolley Buses Began Running In Leeds And Bradford / King George V Was Crowned / The Titanic Was Launched / London Cabbies Went On Strike / Neon Advertising Signs Were Patented By George Claude /

1926 Population: 13311
The Pasteur Institute In Paris Announced The Discovery Of An Anti-Tetanus Serum / Scientists Found The Scull Of A Prehistoric Man In Java Which Was Believed To Be The Missing Link / The 1st British Traffic Lights Were Installed At Piccadilly Circus In London / The General Strike Began In Britain With Nearly 6,000,000 Participants /

1937 Population: 16284
The World’s 1st Children’s Zoo Opened At Regent’s Park, London / The Duke Of Windsor Married American Divorcee Mrs Simpson / Oklahoma Saw The 1st Supermarket Trolley / Joseph Stalin Ordered The Execution Of 8 Of His Generals Over Fears Of Disloyalty / The German Airship, Hindenberg, Caught Fire Over New Jersey Killing 36 Passengers /

1951 Population: 20626
Britain’s 1st Supermarket Opened At Earl’s Court / King George V1 Underwent Lung Surgery At Buckingham Palace / Basil Spence Won A Competition To Design A New Cathedral For Coventry / Deutch Grammophon Launched The 1st 33rpm Long Playing Record / The Pensionable Age Dropped From 70 To 65 For Men And 65 To 60 For Women /

1961 Population: 23862
The Farthing Ceased To Be Legal Tender / America Severed Diplomatic Relations With Cuba / The One Millionth Morris Minor Came Off The Assembly Line / Copenhagen Barbers Went Back To Work After Being On Strike Since 1938 / John F Kennedy Was Inaugurated As The 35th American President / Conscription Was Introduced In Britain / The Contraceptive Pill Went On Sale In Britain / The 1st Severn Road Bridge Was Officially Opened / The 1st Mothercare Shop Opened In Kingston / Britain Formally Applied For Membership Of The EEC / The Berlin Wall Was Constructed / The Earliest Existing Roman Mosaics In Britain Were Discovered In Fishbourne / Iraq Claimed Kuwait / Amnesty International Was Set Up In London /

1966 Population: 26921
Indira Ghandhi Became Prime Minister Of India / The Royal Navy’s 1st Nuclear Submarine Was Launched At Barrow / The Cultural Revolution Began In China With A Mass Rally In Peking /

1971 Population: 35228
Postal Workers Went On Strike For The 1st Time / Idi Amin Led A Coup That Deposed Milton Obote / An AA Report Claimed That It Cost Between £8 And £9 A Week To Run A Family Car / A Fleet Of 100 Fishing Boats Sailed Up The River Thames In Protest At Britain Joining The EEC / Pickles, The Dog Who Found The Missing World Cup, Strangled Himself On His Lead Whilst Chasing A Rabbit / Apollo 15 Splashed down / Prince Charles Got his Wings At RAF Cranwell /

1981 Population: 47856
Peter ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’ Was Arrested / Studies Revealed The Phenomenon Of Passive Smoking / Ronald Reagan Was Inaugurated As The 40th American President / 17 Year Old Marcus Sarjeant Was Jailed For Firing 5 Blanks At The Queen / France Abolished Execution By Guillotine / Over 1 Million Solidarity Workers Went On Strike In Poland To Protest At Food Shortages / The Richard Nixon Museum In San Clement Closed / IBM Introduced The Personal Computer / Pope John Paul 11 Left Hospital After An Assination Attempt /

1991 Population: 52437
The Soviet Authorities Formally Granted Independence To Lithuania, Latvia And Estonia / All Iran-Contra Charges Against Oliver North Were Dropped / The Magic Circle Voted To Admit Female Magicians For The 1st Time In It’s 80 Year History / Diego Maradonna Was Given A 14 Month Suspended Jail Sentence For Drug Offences / Islamic Jihad Released John McCarthy Who Had Been Held Hostage Since 1986 / Mikhail Gorbachev Resigned As Leader Of The Soviet Communist Party / Helen Sharman Became The 1st Briton In Space

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