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General Use
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General Use

Anybody may view the For Sale or Items Wanted Ads, however if you wish to place an advert you must register. To enquire about an ad use the forms provided by clicking on the contact link
Once registered you will not have to register again. The next time you visit the site click the logon link and enter your e-mail address and password to enter.
There is no limit on the amount of ads you place.
You can also remove any ads that you have placed from the registered users area.
Please do not use any obscene language in your advertisements as this site is also used by children.
Please do not send anybody any credit card or bank details by e-mail unless you are using some form of encryption.
Please do not advertise other sites on the classifieds ads. If you would like to add a link to our links section contact the web master at [email protected].
Please do not advertise any stolen or illegal goods on this system.
Any users found to be abusing the system will be removed.

Registration And Privacy Policy

All registration details will be kept in strictest confidence. Your contact details like address and telephone number will never be displayed to the general public. If at any stage you would like your details removed from our database contact [email protected].

Errors And Questions

Is there any charge for this service?
No all adverts placed are done so free of charge.

How do I place an advert?
First you have to register, you will then be able to access a members area where you will be able to place and manage your adverts.

My e-mail address has changed how can I update this?
Logon to the system and click on the link to update your details.

I have forgotten my password how can I retrieve it?
If you have forgotten your password send an e-mail to with password as the subject line. Please supply the e-mail address you used to register with.

How do I contact an advertiser?
All contact is carried out by e-mail from the system. Forms are provided for you to enter enquiries and contact the advertiser.

If you have any questions or you come across any errors contact .

Disclaimer can not be held responsible for any complaints regarding purchased goods. Please make sure that you are aware of what you are buying and that you have accurate contact details of the seller.

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